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Matagami's flagship product Context.Exchange is a subscription-based platform built to manage your big data. Are you looking to improve operational processes and boost decision-making? With our unique data exchange and visualization platform, you can expect quick financial returns as well as new operational efficiencies!

See positive results when you put real-time data and forecasts in the hands of employees who are positioned to make decisions, such as those who interact with customers, oversee product development, or run production processes.

24/7 Access to Context.Exchange Web Portal + Mobile App A team of experts dedicated to your success Substantial rebate on a yearly subscription, as a thank you!

How it works

Data sources come in a wide variety of formats, via a wide range of protocols. The Matagami platform is agnostic to the origin of the source.

Unleash the power of your data and leverage our expertise


Seamlessly collect and store any type of data in your database.


Share beautiful data with your target audience on appropriate networks.


Easily transform your unstructured data into normalized formats.


Leverage big data analysis to get future value predictions.


See your data like never before by selecting the widget that best suits your data source.


Get audience feedback on your data sources via dedicated chats.

Use Cases

Big data is expected to reach an unprecedented number of use cases.

Smart City

Share real-time data with citizens to keep them informed on what is currently happening in the city to increase awareness and security.

Prediction Market

Sell historical and forecasted data to third party organizations using our normalized data storage system and intuitive API.


Explore 5G use cases by leveraging nearly zero latency times over large bandwidths to deliver instant context to partners and customers.


Use Context.Exchange as a decentralized application to easily share or monetize your data with a larger audience.

Meet the Founders

Our business technology trio holds 4 decades of combined experience.

Louis, President

Throughout his career Louis has always held crucial positions in multiple startup environments. He currently holds a senior product management position for a NASA funded Silicon Valley IoT Security company. He previously founded and sold a hardware security startup (SQR Technologies). He holds a Ph.D. in Quantum Cryptography from the University of Brussels.

Max, VP of Sales

Business strategist with 10+ years experience in business development, Maxime holds a B.B.A. and is progressing towards his M.Sc. in IT. from ESG-UQAM. He is currently working sales development for a top canadian IT outsourcing firm. Max is also a competitive Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) racer and he likes to discover new lakes and rivers when training for his next competition.

Richard, VP of Technology

Richard holds over 15 years of experience, which of ten as an IT consultant and manager for big corporations, and five as a tech advisor for many startups. Aside from being passionate about disruptive technologies and new products, he is a proud self-made engineer and entrepreneur constantly looking for new challenges.


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